General education in all subjects i.e.,English, Hindi, Maths, Science,Social Studies, General knowledge, Moral Science, Art & Craft, Computers and Sanskrit are provided. The intermediate section offers all the three streams Arts, Science and Commerce.

Besides academic courses, the students are encouraged to take part in all college activities like drama, music, debate and all sorts of competitions organized at college and outside college. Workshops and seminars are also organized for students to create a feeling of self-confidence and responsibility in each and every student.

Sports & Games

Regular games are part of college studies. These regular games develop self-confidence & sporting spirit in students. To ensure sound health of all students, physical training is given regularly.

Co-Curricular & Cultural Activities

Throughout the Academic Sessions, the students are encouaged to participate in various activities like drawing, painting, craft work, music, dance and drama.

Various competitions like debate and quiz are organized by the College. Teacher's Day, Children Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Day as wellas all festivals are celebrated every year.

College alsoorganizes class excursions, picnic, fete and free medical chcek-ups during the year.

House System

Discipline is a key to success and a student learns his first lesson of discipline at college. Thus, to impart feelings of duty discipline at college, the students aredivided into four Houses. Each House has a Captain, Vice Captain. Above them are Head Boy & Head Girl who watch the activities of all Houses.

Love House

Peace House

Truth House

Unity House