An Overview

Maharaja Agrasen Public School, Lucknow is the most sought-after destination for students from all across the country and the globe, drawn together with different academic aspirations and dreams. With a distinguished track record in mainstream education, and with great success stories, it is one of the top institutions in the country that has emerged as the leading contributor to nation-building.

At the forefront, with its revolutionary initiatives in collaborative and inclusive learning environments, the school provides flexible learning choices with its range of curricula under one roof. Its unique vision and signature ideas have contributed significantly to providing an effective flight plan for its students, to achieve their educational goals and evolve further with their unrestricted and unconventional school of thought.

With its distinguished slogan ‘A School of Excellence with Quality Education’, the school committedly upholds its legacy of excellence, thus defining a constructive road map for India’s future.

We Learn As We Grow

“We learn as we grow and we grow as we learn.” ‘Maharaja Agrasen Public School’ that has rolled so confidently on the wheels of speedy success, be it in the field of education or co-curricular activities, winning laurels and accolades in the State and the Country.